Care Station


©️ Luise Fluegge
07.05.2022, 17:00–18:45

Olphatory Installation by Apthk Lab, Video Installation in the Garden by Remote Control, Sleeping accessories station by Apthk Lab

Care station by Apthk Lab 

The Care-Station is a transitional space and a place of research into our societies’ growing care crisis. Existing in parallel to the unpredictable reality of the Pina Bausch Centre Wuppertal, Apthk Lab seeks to offer a space of care. Gently embracing the building, it contributes soundscapes that seem to come from nowhere, as well as carefully designed artistic experiences.

We want to take the role of sleepwalkers, filling the space with metaphors and stories. Comfort and enjoyment play an important role. We aim to create a calming experience and invite guests to join us in an unusual way – ‘in their pyjamas’. Visitors are encouraged to explore intimate spaces of sleep and self-care, occupying them in conscious and mindful ways. Thinking about care also means addressing the need for social care in the future, by contributing personal dramaturgies and reflecting on inclusion and our mutual interdependence.


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