Open Space with Fridays for Future


©️ Bastian Hessler
08.05.2022, 17:15–19:00
Fridays for Future, Knut Klaßen

On the House

Together with Fridays for Future Wuppertal and visitors to the festival, Knut Klaßen and Karolin Wallowy are developing a light display for the façade of the Schauspielhaus. 

It’s terrible that young people today are forced to strike against older people. Striking is radical and peaceful at the same time and apparently the only way for real dialogue to happen. We are looking to use Open Space, a creative format that depends on the active participation of the festival audience! 

What is ‘Open Space’? Open Space can be a playful and very open discussion format for working on topics with groups. It is now frequently used at conferences or meetings. A special feature of the Open Space format is that topics, methods and speakers are not fixed in advance. All that is set at the beginning of an Open Space is the central theme, time frame and several break-out rooms. 

For the Open Space with Fridays for Future – On the House, all participants can submit and discuss topics. Whoever proposes a topic leads the discussion for one hour. Several groups can work simultaneously. Participants can come and go and also switch between groups (the law of flows). Minutes are written by the groups themselves. The protocols are posted. Slogans are created from the protocols and in the night they are projected onto the façade of the Schauspielhaus.


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