AKTION - Where has "die Sitzende" left for and what does sustainability mean to you?

07.05.2022, 15:30–17:00
Theatre for children aged 6 to 14


under construction will host participatory theatre for children aged 6 to 14 at the Schauspielhaus in front of the building. From 15.30h to 16.30h, the children will have the opportunity to engage with the major themes of art and sustainability in a playful way. They will be able to stage themselves theatrically-improvising, singing, dancing or even stage-designing. The presentation for parents, friends and relatives will take place afterwards at around 16.45.

The English artist Henry Moore was known for his large and abstract sculptures. Most of his work was based on the human body, which inspired his sculptures. His figures were exhibited all over the world. Also in Wuppertal. There he placed a large female figure, called "Die Sitzende", the sitting in front of the Schauspielhaus. It has been gone for some time and we want to find out with you what made the sitter stand up. Sustainability means only using as much of something as will grow back, so that it is not used up. An example is a forest where you only cut as many trees as grow back in the meantime. The forest is a so-called ecosystem in which the living creatures all depend on each other. Just as the living creatures in the forest all depend on each other, so it is with people and the environment - we all depend on it. That's why many people want to protect animals and the environment with their way of life, rather than to pollute the soil, air and water and to waste things. What does sustainability mean to you? What does it mean for art, dance and theatre? We want to find out together with you. The answers can be painted, crafted, danced or sung.